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Physical Delivery for FX Position

Corporate FX contracts are eligible for physical delivery, on trade day (T), please send an email to the Singapore dealing team before 18:00 pm Singapore time to express your intention to deliver. All currency delivery will be completed on T+2 and there must be enough delivery currency in your account to proceed with delivery. Please take note of the minimum amount required for physical delivery, please contact the dealing department for more information.

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Risk Disclosure

The risk of loss in leveraged foreign exchange trading can be significant. You may sustain losses in excess of your initial margin amount. Even if you place orders, such as a "stop-loss" or "limit" order, it may not be possible to limit the loss to the amount you originally envisioned. Market conditions may make it impossible to execute these orders. You may be required to deposit additional margin funds upon notification. If you fail to provide the required amount within the specific time, your open positions may be force liquidated. You will be responsible for any deficit in your account. Therefore, you must carefully consider whether this type of trading is suitable in view of your financial situation and investment objectives. Investment involves risks, investors should read the relevant risk disclosure in details before making any investment decision.


1. Our FX spread structure
Answer: FX spread depends on the customer’s grouping, different customer have different spread grouping.
2. Where does the charges of leveraged foreign exchange come from?
Answer: The charges comes from spread, but client can also choose to have the charges based on commission fees.
3. What is the minimum foreign exchange transaction?
Answer: 0.01 lot
4. How many pips away to place an order from the market price?
Answer: To place an order, price has to be 50 pips away from the market price. If the pending order price is within 50 points of the market price, the order cannot be cancelled.
5. Our company's margin call policy for foreign exchange positions held overnight
Answer: Margin call must be satisfied within T+2, you can choose to reduce your position or deposit funds to satisfy the margin call.
6. Which time zone is the time displayed on MT4?
Answer: The time displayed on MT4 is GMT+3, and Beijing time is GMT+8
7. Is there a limitto the number of logins for the same foreign exchange account?
Answer: Unlimited, you can log in your computer and mobile phone at the same time
8. Can the one-time password (OTP) be bind to multiple mobile phones?
Answer: No, only one mobile phone can be bind at one time
9. I have switched to a new phone, and the one-time password is still bind to the old phone, how do I switch it?
Answer: You may call the dealing hotline +65 6932 9810 and request to unbind your old mobile phone, and proceed to bind it to your new mobile phone.
10. Will overnight interest be charged for positions held overnight?
Answer: Overnight interest will be charged for positions held overnight, you can check the overnight interest charges under the announcement on our company’s website.
11.If I hold a position overnight for one day, will I be charged with only one day's interest?
Answer: It depends on the currency and whether there is a holiday. If there is no holiday, the default overnight interest on Wednesday is 3 days.
12. How to calculate the overnight interest?
Answer: Interest rate/360*number of lots*contract size*settlement price*number of days charged
13. Why is there a fee adjustment displayed on MT4?
Answer: The MT4 system is set to charge the commission during opening and closing of position. If a position is opened and closed on the same day, there will be no fee adjustment. If there is an overnight position, we will deduct the commission fee for both the opening and closing of position at the time of settlement. The commission fee will be indicated in your daily statement, please refer to the daily statement for the details of your commission fees.

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